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Laminate Flooring from Bush's Flooring Center

Laminate flooring is available in a variety of sizes, in both plank and tile style. Advancements in technology has allowed for the simulation of hardwood, ceramic, and stone products. Laminate gives you the opportunity to have the floors you want without breaking the bank.

In regards to wear and tear, laminate flooring has a protective layer making cleaning spills an easy feat. Laminate flooring is also somewhat impervious to natural elements that might affect it—for example, it does not easily fade in the face of UV lights, and its composition means that soil and mud don’t tend to streak or smear on it. This is an easy product to incorporate in your home because it can be placed virtually anywhere that is clean, dry and flat. Laminate flooring is an effective and enduring investment to remodel your home with.

We’ll always recommend following the manufacturer’s recommendations, but trust us when we say it’s a cinch to keep your laminate floors looking incredible for years to come. The professionals at Bush's Flooring Center can walk you through the myriad of laminate flooring products available today and help you select the best for the look you’re trying to achieve.

Feel free to browse our extensive laminate flooring catalog here and mark a few favorites, then be sure to our beautiful showroom and meet our friendly staff.

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Laminate is still a popular floor covering

When it comes to a floor covering that mimics the look and feel of real solid hardwood flooring, most people think of laminate first. It has continued to be a sought after product in this particular niche, and for good reason. It was one of the first to ever accomplish the task. In the mean time, there have been ongoing advancements made in the technology that goes into the material. Now, more than ever before, there are plenty of reasons to check out laminate flooring.

At Bush’s Flooring Center, we know the history of just about every flooring material. And we can assure you, this one is as relevant as it’s ever been, especially in the Cincinnati, Montgomery, Mason and Loveland areas of Ohio. And we can only move forward from here. So before you scratch this floor covering off your list, stop by our Cincinnati, OH showroom to experience it for yourself.

Laminate makes a trendy statement

Not only is laminate flooring still a popular option for homeowners, but it is just as trendy as any other product on the market today. In fact, some trends are just crying out to be tested in home across the country.

One of the biggest trends at the moment is waterproof flooring, and now you can even get waterproof laminate. Anyone that has had any experience with laminate in years past can tell you, it wasn’t always the best option for rooms prone to spills, humidity or moisture. Now, however, you can install this material in any room, including basements, kitchens and bathrooms, without ever having to worry that water damage will be an issue. All while still maintaining a super realistic look.

Another trendy topic in just about any market is merchandise that has been made in America. And laminate is on board with this trend as well. We’ve even seen some homeowners go to extra lengths to insure that their flooring is manufactured in America, including lengthy travel and higher prices. Some trends can go in and out of style quite quickly, but the American made trend does not look to be one of them. Analysts have agreed, the demand for this product is going to stick around for a while.

Be sure to come see us at Bush’s Flooring Center. We can fill you in on more trendy factors surrounding laminate flooring, including colors, finishes and so much more.

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