Carpet binding & re-stretch


Carpet binding & re-stretch

We are proud to provide top-quality client solutions along with our excellent choice of items since we initially opened for business. That’s why we’re additionally pleased to assist our clients in expanding the life of their present floor with carpeting re-stretching solutions.

What's carpet re-stretching?

Let's face it, your floor coverings take a beating. Children, animals, and organization leave spots, spills, and dust strewn across your home's carpeting. Nevertheless, all that traffic additionally wears down the materials of your floors, ultimately making it extend. Before you understand it, your carpeting may have ugly lumps, bumps, and curves.

While a great expert cleaning will take off the messes, nothing will ever restore your battered carpet to brand-new. For that, you will need to get your carpets re-stretched.

During the procedure, our staff users will carefully tear up the free carpeting to provide us sufficient freedom to work. From here, we'll pull the extra carpeting taut, and secure it right back down again. As soon as we're done, you're going to be delighted when you see the outcome and wondering why you ever waited to ask, "What's carpeting re-stretching?"



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Carpet binding & re-stretch in Cincinnati, OH from Bush's Flooring Center

Should we get our carpet re-stretched?

No one wants an over-stretched carpet in their home. If you are wondering if it's time to have your carpeting re-stretched, think about the following:
  • Is your carpeting generally in great form, free of spots and extra use?
  • Do you discover yourself tripping over rolls in the carpeting?
  • Does your carpeting pucker around the corners of furnishings?
  • Do location rugs not lay flat on your carpeting?
  • Do you discover yourself constantly attempting to flatten away raised areas on your carpeting?

If you answered yes to any of the above, then you're a great prospect for carpeting re-stretching. The procedure is fairly easy and quick, therefore call us these days!