How to get a unique tile flooring

How to get a unique tile flooring

Do you love the tiled checkerboard pattern that is so trendy today? It's easy to accomplish with two alternating colors.

Black and white is the classic. You can create checkerboard tile flooring with any combination, including red and gray.

A little tile flooring customization and creativity

Mixing and matching the tile pieces is just one way to be creative. Other ideas include: 

  1. Creating distinctive layouts. Tiles can be cut into planks of any size. The planks aren't only for wood looks. Herringbone, chevron, random width, diagonal layouts, and more can be done with alternating colors and patterns. 
  2. Use grout. It’s functional but is now also considered a design tool. Grout comes in a large assortment of colors. Use it to complement or accent and highlight shapes. Our tile store professionals will show you how. 
  3. Create borders and special features like medallions. A flooring medallion is a “centerpiece.” It can be made from many materials, such as granite or granite-look stone tile.

Sometimes the tile itself is unique enough!

Modern technology, like Inkjet, allows tile flooring manufacturers to create intricate designs. They have all the characteristics and "imperfections" of a Mother Nature design.

The hot trend is to give bathrooms the look of a high-end spa. This is easily accomplished with marble tile floors, like Marble Bookmatch by Proximity Mills.

Come into our showroom when shopping for tile in Cincinnati, OH. You'll also see wood looks tile, Worcester, and The Garnett Operatta collection has beautiful color variations, including shades of blue, purple, gray, and black by Proximity Mills.

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