Three tips for choosing the perfect carpet color

Three tips for choosing the perfect carpet color

There's a good reason why carpet is such a popular choice among homeowners. It comes in many styles and colors; there's something to suit every budget, and it has many functional characteristics, such as sound deadening.

These days, technology has made carpet a great choice for everyone. There are hypoallergenic rugs, pet-friendly versions (with warranties), and extra stain resistance and durability.

Choosing a color is a lot of fun but also overwhelming, with all the choices. Here are three tips for choosing the right one.

First, consider your lifestyle

This plays a major part in choosing a color for your carpet installation. Large families with kids and pets–or frequent entertaining– translate to stains, spills, and dirt.

If you have pets, is it indoors, or does it go outside? What about shedding?

What’s the room like?

So many things influence color, such as lighting. What may look one way in the store but entirely different in your home? 

Bring fabric swatches home to see the carpeting in your home's lighting, upholstery, and walls.

How is the room used? Living rooms can be centers of family activity or only used for entertaining.

This is an important consideration when choosing carpet in Cincinnati, OH. 

What’s your home’s overall decor?

What's your home's vibe? Nothing needs to match, but you want a harmonious, cohesive look.

Think about it: wouldn’t a color reminiscent of industrial chic style, like gray, look a little chaotic in a rustic decor?

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