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Five tips for choosing carpet

Carpet flooring
is a great way to remodel many rooms in your home. And the more you know about the material, the better you can match them to your needs.

As you compare your list of must-haves, look for options you'll love. You can have it all in this flooring line, so take time to learn more about them.

Tips for your consideration

1. Think durability
If you have a busy home, keep durability as your first consideration. The more durable your floors, the longer they will last.

2. Match your decor
There's a carpet for every decor scheme, so look only at those that match your existing design. Be sure to consider popular trends that also correlate with your look.

3. Consider added benefits
Hypoallergenic fibers and built-in stain protection are two popular characteristics of carpeting. And added features can change everything about your experience.

4. Plan for the future
Choosing the longest-lasting materials can save you money over time. While the upfront cost may be higher, you may avoid replacement one or two times over the lifespan.

5. Don't skip the professional carpet installation
A professional carpet installation can mean everything to your new flooring. It will give you peace of mind and protect your warranty, all at the same time.

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